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11 best web design tactics to help your site convert

11 best web design tactics to help your site convert

What are the best web design tactics to help your site convert?

Website design has drastically improved over the last five years with new technology that will help your site load faster, provide a better user experience (UX), and make you more money.

Most people use cookie-cutter SEO techniques and basic designs. With the implementation of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), we have learned that designing your website around your visitors wants and needs is how you create a productive business

In this article, I will be discussing how to convert more visitors on your website. So, let’s dive in.

Business Men Discussing Statistics Report
businessmen Discussing Statistics Report

11 Best Web Design Tactics To Help Your Site Convert

Converting website traffic into sales is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of hard work and patience.

Think of your website as a brochure. Your whole goal is to take a potential customer on a journey. You need to easily walk them through how you can solve their problem. Whether their problem is they need to get their roof fixed or they want to cure boredom by buying your gag gift. Your site needs to make it clear how they can solve their problem.

Overdoing your design can actually turn people away from your site. The best example of this is Myspace vs Facebook.

Myspace kept trying to up their design and features to make it more modern and stylish as Facebook took the less is more approach.

Which one do you use more often? Ease of use is better than a flashy design any day.

The following web design tactics will be giving you the best response:

  1. Improve Your Copywriting
  2. Keep Relevant Content; Stop Adding Fluff
  3. Responsive Web Design
  4. Optimize Your Website Speed
  5. Easy Navigation = Happy Customer
  6. Showcase Your Satisfied Clients And Years Of Service For Trustworthiness
  7. Use Social Media Buttons
  8. Perceive More Value Than Cost
  9. Post the Reviews
  10. Translate Your Site; Appeal To A Larger Audience
  11. List All The Payment Methods; Make It Easy To Pay

1. Improve Your Copywriting

Copywriting for your brand is one of the crucial factors that decides if someone will convert or not.

Writing articles for your brand is not enough; you have to embed some graphical and appealing pictures to keep the readers engaged with your content.

To turn your visitors into paying customers, you need to make sure the content you write is high-quality and solves an issue the buyer is having.

Therefore, I would like to say you follow these tips to improve your writing:

  • Know your target audience
  • Be concise; be thorough
  • Write relevant, and appealing content
  • Asks questions on Quora and Reddit

Thus, if done correctly, you will have engaging posts and more conversions on your site.

2. Keep Relevant Content; Stop Adding Fluff

The anatomy of a high converting website starts with understanding your market and what appeals to them. Irrelevant content lowers the trust a user has for your brand and increases your bounce rate because they won’t want to learn more about your company or brand.

Asking yourself why you would buy from your company is an important step to figuring what content you should start with.

Knowing what question needs to be answered first to get visitors engaged is how your website copy should start.

3. Responsive Web Design

61% of all traffic in the US came from Mobile devices in 2021. That means if your website isn’t fast and mobile-friendly, the average consumer will leave your site, and you will miss out on a massive amount of potential sales

Mobile phones have made it easy for the average user to research the products they want to purchase. If your site is not mobile-friendly, they will not read the content and see why your product or service is the right option to buy.

Statistically, only 39% of your traffic will have a chance to convert without a responsive mobile design

Google has a free tool that allows you to check if your site is mobile-friendly (https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly).

4. Optimize Your Website Speed

One thing people don’t think about when designing their website is site speed. Having big fancy pictures and images is great, but if you don’t put them in the right file format and condense their size, it will slow down the page load speed of your site.

There are free tools that help with this, but I recommend hiring a professional(https://ineffabledesign.com/contact-us/) if you do not know how to do this yourself.

A data report from Small SEO Tools states that the average time to load your website should be 3 seconds or less.

If your website is loading slow (3+ seconds), you can decrease your conversions by up to 6-7%.

5. Easy Navigation = Happy Customer

According to Hick’s Law, when you provide more choices to your customers, your potential customer takes more time to decide.

This leads to them getting overwhelmed and not purchasing at all. Look into mega menus as well for a better user experience.

6. Showcase Your Satisfied Clients And Years Of Service For Trustworthiness

The data shared by many websites such as Small SEO tools, Ahrefs, and Semrsuh tells us how important your testimonials are.

Here are some things you can easily add to your site to add trust:

  • Number of Satisfied Customers
  • Orders taken
  • Years of service

7. Use Social Media Buttons

Adding social media buttons will help provide trust in the legitimacy of your business. It takes an average of 7 user interactions with your brand before they become a customer. Social media interactions count in this data.

Making it easy for visitors to find your brand on social media.

8. Perceive More Value Than Cost

Adding prices to services can be risky. People will see a number and judge your quality without even talking to you based on the number you put. You might not get a chance to physically talk to a customer and explain why your price is $X higher than your competition.

You might provide a Lamborghini-level service when your competition provides a Ford. You won’t even get a chance to explain why your service has a better value than the person offering the less quality.

Some other things you can add to provide value are:

  • Show Some Hot Offers With Custom Graphics
  • Offer Free Samples
  • Free Trials

This is different with eCommerce as selling products always needs a physical price. You need to justify your pricing by providing information that helps the buyer understand the value of your product and how it can help them solve their issue.

9. Post Real Reviews

Adding real reviews from customers is a great way to get people to trust your brand. There are ways you can add google reviews to your website via a plugin (if you use WordPress). This brings real reviews that your users can trust. Not some made-up ones with stock photos that lower user trust.

If you have to add fake reviews, it is better not to add them until you get real ones.

Case studies are another great way to review the work you have done for clients.

Don’t over exaggerate your results as well. If you get a 100% increase in SEO traffic in month one, that sounds good on paper, but if they went from 1 organic search result to 2, then it isn’t very impressive.

10. Translate Your Site; Appeal To A Larger Audience

Making sure your website is easily read by people who are more comfortable in their native language is important.

Forty-one million people are native Spanish speakers in the US. That is a huge audience you could be alienating by having an English-only website. Remember that the ease of use for a customer is what helps convert them.

The caveat to this is don’t go overboard. If less than 5% of your potential customers speak their language only, it may not be worth investing a lot of money into. You can always use the free plugin options, but sometimes those plugins do not give accurate translations.

11. List All The Payment Methods; Make It Easy To Pay

Providing convenient payment methods to your potential customers will increase the likelihood of them making a purchasing decision. This mainly relates to e-commerce as service-based businesses do not run into this issue often.

If you have listed Paypal as the only checkout method, it may turn away some customers as not everyone trusts or uses the platform.

Expanding your payment gateways will increase the number of people who can buy your product.

The most common methods you should list are:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit  Cards/Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Master and Visa Cards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Improve My Website Conversion?

We have an article that gives you advanced tips on how to get more website visitors to convert. You can check it out here (https://ineffabledesign.com/conversion-rate-optimization/).

Here are some quick tips:

  • Easy to digest, and readable content
  • Appealing landing page
  • Testimonials on the front
  • Call to action button
  • Image and videos optimization

Make sure you use heatmaps to see how users engage with your website.

All of these techniques can boost your sales.

How Do You Create A Website That Converts?

This is hard to explain because it depends. Every market is different. There are basic techniques you can use that will help that are globally accepted.

This article explains a lot of those so that you can check it out. You can also call Ineffable Design (https://ineffabledesign.com/contact-us/ for a free consultation, and they will get you started on the right path.

How Do You Design For Conversions?

We design making sure there is a clear call to action.

We want to make sure your user’s problem is solved quickly, and they know you’re the best option to do so.

How Does Web Design Affect Conversion Rates?

A poorly designed site will not make it easy for a customer to find the service or product they want to purchase. Just because you have a futuristic design doesn’t mean it will convert.

An example of this is one of our clients had music play when you loaded the site, and their bounce rate was at 91% because people were startled by the music when opening the page and instantly left. Removing the music dropped the bounce rate to 68%. There were a lot of issues with their site before we got it, but the design looked cool. It just wasn’t practical to their market.

Final Verdict

Having a website that doesn’t convert is stressful and lowers your business’s chance of growing and scaling properly.

Companies that don’t emphasize their website are not looking to scale or grow. Almost all research done about a company is done online. Don’t let your company get left behind by not having a positive experience for your customers.

Why do you think your website isn’t converting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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